What is Nutritional



"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein


I'm a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & AIP Certified Coach specializing in digestion/gut health and blood sugar management, but I'm happy to help you with your other nutritional needs too! 


Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP) is a very specific certification that many people, even within the nutrition world, don’t know exists. FNTPs have a unique knowledge base and skill set to evaluate an individual’s nutritional health and make specific recommendations that aim to restore balance and optimal function within the body. FNTPs are different than Registered DieticiFans/Nutritionists (RDN), Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNS) or other nutrition professionals. We’re also very different than a health coach or wellness coach. Being an FNTP is like being a combination of a nutritionist, detective, human body mechanic, counselor and guide.

Nutritional Therapy can help you feel better and experience better health. 

It's a personalized, foundational, functional, and holistic approach. It goes deeper than nutrients and calories. It’s all about you. I consider many factors to create personalized recommendations that are your next steps to take, towards feeling better and experiencing better health.

There is no one exactly like you. We call this bio-individuality. Many factors contribute to who you are today. These include genetics, health history, lifestyle, diet, antibiotic use, other medications, supplement use, toxic exposure, stress, sleep, symptoms, etc.

Your symptoms may be the same as your best friend’s, but may have different causes. Understanding the root causes of your symptoms is key to providing you with recommendations that result in you feeling better and experiencing better health.

I consider and respect your bio-individuality when making your personalized recommendations.

Digestion and Blood Sugar Regulation are just two of six foundations that need to be strong and balanced for you to experience optimal health. The other four are: diet, mineral balance, fatty acid balance and hydration. Foundational imbalances or weaknesses and nutritional deficiencies are often the root causes of symptoms.

I use several tools to assess your foundational health and make recommendations to restore strength and balance.

Food is more than calories. It’s information that effects your body on the cellular level. It effects how your cells, tissues and organs behave, and how you feel. Functional Nutrition focuses on building health by restoring proper physiological functioning of your body. In other words, it’s using nutrition to help your body work better. When your body works better, you feel better. Symptoms are clues to understanding what’s not working as it should. They are your body’s way of telling you something. When you don't listen, they get louder. Learning to listen is an important part of Nutritional Therapy.

Your recommendations are designed to restore optimal function to your digestive system and other foundations of health.

You are whole. You're more than a collection of symptoms, cells and organs. Your symptoms, cells and organs are all intimately interconnected and must be considered as a whole. What effects one thing effects everything.

I take time to consider your whole health picture and look for how it’s all related.

These are the tools I use to assess your bio-individual needs, foundational and functional health, in a holistic way, to come up with your personalized recommendations:

  • written interview including questions about your health and lifestyle history and goals

  • talking with you and listening to you

  • online nutritional health assessment questionnaire (more extensive than my free digestive quiz)

  • food journal review and evaluation

Nutritional Therapy is a process. Here's how it works:

1. Choose the package that best fits your needs here. Then schedule your virtual Initial Consultation here, or by calling (541)318-4757 or emailing here.


2. Once you're scheduled you'll receive an e-mail with everything you need to know and do before your Initial Consultation.

3. Complete your forms and questionnaire and return by the date specified.

4. I'll review your information thoroughly.

5. We'll meet for your virtual Initial Consultation. We'll talk about your lifestyle and health goals, go over your food journal, go over the results of your online questionnaire and talk about recommendations that fit your personality and lifestyle.


6. After your consultation (usually the next day), you'll receive your personalized recommendations to follow by email. Helpful handouts and other resources will be provided as needed. These are the next steps you need to take to feel better and experience better health.


7. You follow your recommendations until your Follow Up Visit. Follow Up Visits are important to assess your progress, keep you on track and create lasting sustainable change. After each Follow Up you'll receive updated personalized recommendations to follow.

If you're ready to get started, you can schedule online here, call (541)318-4757 or email here.

If you have additional questions, please visit the FAQ page. If your question is unanswered, please e-mail me here.


You can also contact me to schedule a free 15 minute phone call to learn more about  Nutritional Therapy and/or the AIP diet.