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What is the AIP Diet?


"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. "


                                     Arthur Ashe


The Autoimmune Protocol Diet, Autoimmune Paleo Diet, or AIP Diet for short, is a multiphase diet and lifestyle protocol that’s development is deeply rooted in science.


To date, thousands of people around the world have successfully used it to improve their health and quality of life. While there is no known cure for auto-immune disease, this therapeutic diet can make living with an autoimmune disease diagnosis more manageable. This is such great news! 


This anti-inflammatory diet promotes digestive and immune system health as well as hormonal balance. By eliminating foods and additives that are known to cause irritation, inflammation and other problems, and including the most nourishing nutrient dense whole foods and lifestyle changes, our bodies can rest and restore.

I’m happy to be an AIP Certified Coach. I’m specially trained in the ins and outs of this diet and have followed it myself.  I’m here to guide you through this process, help you avoid common mistakes, and encourage you along your way to experiencing better health. 


So far, the AIP diet has been studied in this medical research:

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