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   "The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will

   interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet

   and the cause and prevention of disease"

                                                                                    Thomas Edison

"After 15 years of seeing countless doctors and health practitioners,  Larissa helped me discover the root of my digestive issues.  In just 3 months of working with her, my gut is healthy and I feel much better!  I don't have the brain fog and glycemic ups and downs that I have lived with for so long.She is very caring and really listened to me.  Also, she has a passion for nutrition and very knowledgeable about how to heal with foods.  I am so thankful for her guidance!"

M.P. Bend,Oregon 

"6 months ago I was worried about how to have healthy years as I approach my 70's and onward.  I had been taking over the counter allergy medication for at least the past 15 years seasonally and regularly the past 3 years. My vascular, glandular and nervous system and anxiety were "behind the scene" worries.  

I found a trusting relationship with Larissa Spafford. She guided me to confidence and education about how to take better care of myself through the principles of nutritional therapy.  This was exactly the "missing link" in my life.  My allergies have disappeared, my stamina is back, aches and pains are gone, and I know the best ways to prepare myself for potentially stressful situations without worry.  Having an improved attitude and knowing I can learn how to feel good is a wonderful change.  I realized I had accepted that life was as good as it gets, so this change has been tremendous!

Now I have "graduated" from monthly care and have taken on responsibility for my life knowing I will return to Larissa when needed.  Every recommendation she gave me for nutritional therapy has worked without fail!
If you are ready to be responsible for your health with the "medical model" as a backup, then I recommend Larissa Spafford and Nutritional Therapy."

M.S. Bend, Oregon


"I am 61 years old and last year I felt like I was 81. My formerly robust good health had been fading after years of prolonged stress caused by caregiving my parents.  After my father and my sister died within 18 months of each other I was in a perpetual state of exhaustion and depression.  My husband and I had the full responsibility for my mother's care and I felt like a robot with dying batteries.  Things really hit home when close friends would ask me if I was okay and refer to me as looking frail and gaunt. 

For the past decade I have eaten organic food and I have always read articles on maintaing optimum health, so I was doing what I could to get better, but the stress caused such low energy that I felt I was dragging my body around and nothing I did to take care of myself changed this downward spiral.  My body didn't even feel like it belonged to me anymore because for the first time in my life I had chronic aches and pains that became increasingly debilitating and frightening.

I finally hit the wall when I realized that I could only walk one or two blocks because of the sharp jabs of pain in my legs, hips and back. Even buying groceries became a painful ordeal. My doctor told me I had to change the caregiving situation before I could begin to recover, but changing those circumstances wasn't an option.  I felt like a shadow of my former self and I felt helpless and fearful for the future.  Antidepressants didn't even begin to take the edge off of my condition because, as my doctor said, my depression was caused by the unrelenting stress and fatigue of 24-7 caregiving.Larissa's work with me has transformed my overall health and feeling of wellbeing. It's been over 4 months since she started helping me and I can now enjoy walking far enough to get some good exercise without pain, I no longer feel dead on my feet and my mood has improved considerably. In short, following Larissa's advice gave me my body back and restored my spirit."

K.N. Port Townsend, Washington

"I have been a client with Larissa Spafford at Bend Nutritional Therapy for almost 6 months.  I came to her with many health complications: Asthma, allergies, feeling hungry all the time and low energy levels.  After both written and physical assessments, both Larissa and I learned a lot about how my body works.  She told me that I am a “sugar burner”.  At first, I had no idea what this was but knew that being a “fat burner” is ultimate health.  She changed my diet and it really was not that hard, as I love eating proteins and some vegetables, and cut out sugar.  I also increased my water intake.  I started with just one supplement to help with my digestion, as it was also helping with decreasing my hunger. I added in once daily sauerkraut, as a probiotic, this is so tasty and satisfied my craving for something salty.


After about 60 days I started to feel like I had so much energy, more than I have in many years. I was not hungry all the time. My allergies started to go away.  I also lost weight, which was unexpected, but as a newly founded “fat burner” this can happen.  I continue to work with Larissa at Bend Nutritional Therapy, and I am impressed with her calm demeanor, passion for helping people become the healthiest they can, and her level of expertise in the field of nutrition.   I highly recommend her services for anyone looking for a change in their lives for the better!"

K.K. Bend, Oregon

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