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  • Larissa Spafford, FNTP

Fire Cider Recipe

making fire cider

Fire Cider is an immune boosting and upper respiratory supporting tonic that's easy to make at home. This original fire cider recipe was created by Herbalist Rosemary Gladstar.


Raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar (enough to completely cover herbs by 3-4 inches)

1/2 cup grated fresh horseradish root

1/2 cup or more fresh chopped onions

1/4 cup or more chopped garlic

1/4 cup or more grated ginger

Chopped fresh or dried cayenne pepper to taste. It should be spicy, but not so spicy that you can't tolerate it. You can always add more later if needed.

Optional ingredients- turmeric root, echinacea, cinnamon, etc.


1. Place herbs in a large canning jar or two and cover with apple cider vinegar, so vinegar is 3-4 inches above herbs (the picture doesn't accurately reflect this because I shook the jar just before taking it).

2. Place jar in a warm place for 3-4 weeks. Shake daily (I put mine at eye level in my pantry so I'd see it everyday and remember to shake it).

3. After 3-4 weeks, strain out herbs and reserve the liquid.

4. Add honey to taste. Warm it gently first so that it mixes easily.

5. Rebottle liquid. It will keep unrefrigerated for several months if stored in a cool place. Store in refrigerator to make it keep longer.

Take a small shot daily, especially if you feel like you're coming down with something. Can take more frequently if you are ill.

Your Fire Cider may turn out a different color than mine. I added fresh turmeric root, which makes it very yellow. I also omitted the cayenne pepper. Although I love it, it's a nightshade, and I am sensitive to nightshades. If there's anything you personally have a sensitivity to, it's best to leave that out.

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of some of the ingredients on the immune system and/or respiratory system, here's links to scientific literature...

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